About David Pienaar

Dave loves to create an emotive picture. He grew up in a family that inspired a love of art from his mother’s side and a passion for gadgets on his father’s. The resulting impact on Dave was to create beautiful pictures with mechanical tools. In his youth he spent many hours in darkrooms experimenting with black and white photography honing his visual style.

Lighting and lensing are his passion and he is often sought out for his ability to create an emotively exciting picture. He loves the challenge of a beauty shoot but also relishes the opportunity to be bold and raw. Just documenting the action bores him and he is always searching for ways to add his visual expression to the shoot. This approach has taken him all over Africa and into Asia on commercial sets.

He enjoys intimate character driven shoots where he can experiment with subtle tweaks that influence the shot’s expression. His nature on set is gentle and easy going whilst still being active and hands on with his crew.